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Steampunk Cameo

This has been sitting in the back of my mind for ages. This project was a bit of a nightmare. The company that makes the wings only makes them pointing in the one direction (stupid) so I couldn’t have them … Continue reading

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Update- August

So what have I done in the last 6 months? Aside from work-study-sleep-work-study-sleep, very little! I finished off the chest of draws (unfortunately I don’t have any photos at the moment) but the quilt hasn’t progressed any further. Aside from … Continue reading

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…so much to do…

I’ve been so busy. Work- don’t get me started. Uni- starts at the end of the month; which means paperwork, police check, textbooks, parking permits, stationary, a decent pair of shoes. Ugh. All I can say is that it had better … Continue reading

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Pocketwatch Necklace

This has been an idea in the back of my head for a while now. Soooo fiddly, the chain took forever as it is actually 3 chains twined around each other to form a rope and then left loose in the … Continue reading

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Steampunk Ring

steampunk ring! All components were attached to each other with wire or jump rings except for the tiny cogs which were glued down with E600 Not bad for my first steampunk piece Erin

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Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2012- December

Well here we are folks; my entries for the Tim Holtz December tags competition. The original tags can be found here. Noel- This one was fun. I really love rainbows and I was inspired by some tinsel sold at Woolworths. I … Continue reading

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City At Night

I had just bought a heap of stamps and was itching to use them. Sadly this is not the original and it doesn’t do it justice but the original got ruined and of all my attempts at re-creating it this one … Continue reading

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