Steampunk Cameo

This has been sitting in the back of my mind for ages.


This project was a bit of a nightmare. The company that makes the wings only makes them pointing in the one direction (stupid) so I couldn’t have them pointing out either side in an upwards ‘V’  shape, similar to the steampunk ring. Consequently, having them off to the same side threw out the weight of the necklace. So much frustration. So I decided to add the key and filagree to the bottom to help balance it out but it didn’t really work as well as I would have liked. Finally I needed to hide the copious amounts of glue at the back, so I used modelling clay and antique gold cloured paint.

The small clock-pieces were glued with E600 onto the hair to mimic her curls and waves, the others hung from the filagree with jump rings. The central hand was originally a dark blue-black so I sponged some gold alcohol ink onto it

The drop bead was made from modelling clay then painted with blue, teal, green, blue metallic, greenm metallic and gold paints in a mottled affect; the glass bauble filled with blue-green seed beads. The cog pieces were glued onto a watch fragment and backed with modelling clay and paint to prevent scratching. Lastly a blue green bead and some bronze beads finished it off.


All the best for the new year


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