…so much to do…

I’ve been so busy. Work- don’t get me started. Uni- starts at the end of the month; which means paperwork, police check, textbooks, parking permits, stationary, a decent pair of shoes. Ugh. All I can say is that it had better be worth it.

As far as crafting goes, I’m really disappointed with myself at the moment. I haven’t completed a single piece since the steampunk necklace. And I never got around to making the January tag for Tim Holtz’s 12 tags of 2013.  I’m hoping to get the february one done, but I don’t really care about Valentine’s day; It’s not really the big thing here that it seems to be in the States. So I’m thinking of turning it into more of an Alice in Wonderland type of thing, but I’m unsure how that will work.

But before you jump to the conclusion that I’m lazy, Let me say that I have been doing things, I have 3 projects lined up and 2 of which are very detailed, requiring a lot of work


IMG_4888 IMG_4892 IMG_4895

A set of KaiserCraft draws. This has taken so long due to the painting. I’m now up to the varnishing stage and I’m somewhat sick of the sight of it to be quite honest…


IMG_4905 2

Steampunk necklace number 2. This one shouldn’t be taking me so long to complete, but as silly as it sounds, I’m waiting for some sort of inspiration to hit as to how I’m actually going to put it together. I have a rough design in my mind but I’m not happy with it, it’s to simple and I want something really striking. So it’s sitting on my desk waiting for my brain to work


IMG_4907IMG_4908 2

This is where my attention has been lately. My grandmother turns 80 in April and my mother and I have decided to make her a quilt. On one side, It shall have photos (transferred to fabric) of her life, her parents and siblings, her marriage etc. done in a formal style. and on the other (which won’t be completed in time sadly) shall be an appliqué family tree of all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. so far we have most of the pieces cut and half sown together in strips, we are up to chosing the photos, changing size and colour and printing them onto the fabric.

So, even though I haven’t completed anything in a while, I haven’t exactly been sitting idle

Until next time


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