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Here is a wreath tag I made yesterday. The idea came about when my mum mentioned she would really like some sort of wreath for her handmade christmas cards and I replied, “So why don’t you make one?” Famous last words. Actually making the wreath doesn’t take very long but it’s preparing your papers and doing the punching that is time-consuming. Plus I kept wondering how it would look if I added other bits and pieces, and before I knew it the day had passed…

Originally I made two wreaths but only liked the holly one enough to use it. The oak (at least I think it’s oak lol) would look lovely in autumn browns reds and oranges, maybe as a thanksgiving card for all you Americans out there? Snowflakes in shades of blue and silver would also look stunning, I really want to make one of those but I need a second, smaller snowflake punch first. Yay shopping!

So without further ado, here’s how I made it…


First cut out a doughnut shape using dies – I used the spellbinders nestabilities scalloped circles

IMG_4639 IMG_4646

Then paint using Pine Needles Distress Stain for the oak, and gold metallic paint for the holly

IMG_4623IMG_4631 IMG_4629 IMG_4625IMG_4632

Stain strips of cardstock with Pine Needles and Aged mahogany Distressed Stains. Then to get some sparkliness happening, I embossed one strip with gold embossing powder, painted another with green metallic paint and stained the final one with Aged mahogany Distressed Stain and while it was still wet I brushed over some Perfect Pearls – Forever Red

*Tip- always make more than you think you will need. Trust me…

IMG_4638 IMG_4635 IMG_4641

Then we have the joy of punching out all the shapes. I didn’t really like my large triple holly leaf so I cut them all into individual leaves. I have no idea what brands these punches are, my apologies. They are all a part of my mum’s collection accumulated over many years and are no longer kept in their packaging

*Tip- If you’re a neat freak like me I suggest sorting them all into containers as you go rather than leaving them all over your surface and picking through trying to find the colours you want as you build up the wreath

IMG_4653 IMG_4654 IMG_4645

Starting at one point on the wreath base, glue 4 holly leaves together so that all the stems meet at the same point. (You will notice I didn’t do this on the oak one. That is because I did it before the holly. Apparently it’s called a learning experience).

Then, moving up the wreath, attach the stems underneath the leaves of the ones below with the stems pointing to the right on the left hand side of the wreath and to the left on the right hand side of the wreath (I know that’s confusing, essentially the stems need to be pointing the centre point defined by the first 4 leaves), roughly alternating between sizes and between glitter and non-glitter until 3/4 of the base is covered.


Glue smaller holly leaves on top of the large, in a rough line along the centre, again tucking the stems underneath the leaf below

IMG_4662 IMG_4673

Punch out a gold dove and glue over top of the first 4 holly leaves to hide the starting point of the wreath.

*tip- instead of a dove use any christmas-y punch or a ribbon bow. Anything as long as it hides the start!

IMG_4674 IMG_4679

On the back of the card I glued 3 lengths of bronze chain held together with a jump ring. On the ends of the chains are 3 Swarovski crystals. At the top of the wreath I added some crystals to a charm and secured it to wreath with a bronze mini brad.

To attach the crystals thread crystals onto a bronze headpin. Then twist the open end of the headpin around into a circle using a pair of long-nosed pliers, trimming the excess as you go. This step requires practise!

IMG_4689 IMG_4691

Then glue a line of metallic red seed beads on their sides along the red leaves to act as ‘berries’

For the tag…


I stained an ordinary manilla tag with Walnut Stain Distress Stain, distressed the edges and ran VersaColor gold ink-pad around the edges. Then I stamped Carol Music (Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous) in the same gold ink but it didn’t turn out clearly, so I then stamped The Birds (Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous) in Walnut Stain Distress Ink in the bottom corner, masking some birds here and there to get the different sizes where I wanted them.

IMG_4696 IMG_4698 IMG_4700

Next I watered down some gold metallic paint and flicked it over the tag with my fingers. don’t panic if the paint goes grey and funny when you add water to it, as the water dries it will go back to normal. If unsure test it on scrap paper first.

IMG_4706 IMG_4709 IMG_4713

Stain some cotton bias binding with Walnut Stain Distress Stain, and rub in the excess watered down gold paint from the previous step (or make more…) crinkle up and dry with a heat tool to get a mottled brown and gold ribbon


Thread ribbon through the top and attach wreath with the brad holding the charm. You may wish to actually glue the wreath to the tag for extra security, but I kind of like the way it dangles 🙂

All done!!

Here are some of the details…

IMG_4743 IMG_4742 IMG_4741 IMG_4719 IMG_4688 IMG_4686

Merry Christmas and a safe, happy New Year


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